"Jiangsu Province Excellent Postdoctoral Program" at Jiangsu Normal University


Eligibility: Prospective candidate should obtain a PhD within the past 3 years, under the age of 35, with research training in Linguistics and applied linguistics, neurolinguistics, Neuroscience or artificial intelligence. Applicants should be achievement-oriented and open-minded with good communication skills and capacity for teamwork.


Our offer: The annual salary is no less than 300,000 RMB with social insurance. Full-time postdoctoral fellows also enjoy the scientific research incentives as the faculties. PhD holders graduated from the top 100 universities worldwide are given priority. Outstanding candidates will be reviewed and negotiated case by case.


Research environment: School of linguistic sciences and arts at the Jiangsu Normal University has an excellent research team focusing on linguistics and applied linguistics with an inter-disciplinary approach. The school is the house to the Joint Collaborative Innovation Center, the National Key Discipline Cultivating Base for linguistics, the National Language Commission Institute for Advanced Language Proficiency, and the Journal of Language Science supported by the National Excellent Publishing Program, and the Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory for Language and Cognitive Neuroscience. It has the eye movement and behavior laboratory, neuroimaging laboratories equipped with EEG, transcranial magnetic resonance, and nuclear magnetic resonance, as well as molecular biology laboratory and artificial intelligence Laboratory.


ContactMr. Hu, hyc14641@163.com, +86-516-83656912